Lymphoma Tumor Homograft Models

Lymphomas comprise a number of diseases with different histopathological features. In recent years the main molecular drivers for the various lymphoma subtypes have been identified, leading to the identification of potential targets for therapeutic applications. To progress novel agents targeting lymphoma, relevant preclinical models are required. Our lymphoma tumor homografts have been developed by trasplantation of GEMM tumors into syngeneic hosts, preserving original tumor histo- and molecular pathology and driver mutations, including KRAS and MYC activation or TP53 loss.

mLY6014LymphomaVIEW MODEL
mLY6041LymphomaKras (G12D); P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6043LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6061LymphomaKRAS (G12D); P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6062LymphomaKRAS (G12D); P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6068LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6096LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6097LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6098LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6101LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6102LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6149LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6150LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6166LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6167LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6168LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6169LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6170LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6171LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6172LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6173LymphomaIgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)VIEW MODEL
mLY6176LymphomaPtch1-/+; P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6178LymphomaPtch1-/+; P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6184LymphomaPtch1-/+; P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6186LymphomaPtch1-/+; P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY6188LymphomaPtch1-/+; P53-/-VIEW MODEL
mLY9012LymphomaEu-MycVIEW MODEL
mLY9022LymphomaEu-MycVIEW MODEL
mLY9023LymphomaEu-MycVIEW MODEL