Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia PDX Models

Most commercially available blood cancer patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models are transient in nature, and non-transferable through passages (not renewable), without disease symptoms or mortality. However, CrownBio’s PDX models for blood cancer are permanent, and allow the study of disease recurrence after initial treatment challenge and the efficacy testing of novel agents against drug resistance. The CrownBio acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) PDX collection covers a wide range including patient-relevant mutations e.g. BCR/ABL(+). More

PDX offer the most translational preclinical model for efficacy screening in cancer drug development. Derived directly from patient tumors and never adapted to grow in vitro, PDX models reflect the heterogeneity and diversity of the human patient population. PDX give you an accurate, predictive model of how your treatment will perform, well before entering into expensive clinical trials. CrownBio’s HuPrime® PDX models are well characterized for pathology, growth characteristics, and are also genetically/genomically annotated for gene expression, gene copy number, mutations, and fusions.
AL7267Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaBVIEW MODEL
AL7442Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaTVIEW MODEL
AL7443Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaBVIEW MODEL
AL7447Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaBVIEW MODEL
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AL7475Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaTVIEW MODEL
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