Cervical Cancer PDX Models

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models display a true representation of the human heterogeneity of gynecologic malignancies and provide the most accurate approach to predicting an agent’s efficacy prior to entering the clinic. The CrownBio cervical cancer PDX collection consists of several models, including models of North American and Asian descent, which are useful for screening novel therapies and potential biomarker discovery. More

PDX offer the most translational preclinical model for efficacy screening in cancer drug development. Derived directly from patient tumors and never adapted to grow in vitro, PDX models reflect the heterogeneity and diversity of the human patient population. PDX give you an accurate, predictive model of how your treatment will perform, well before entering into expensive clinical trials. CrownBio’s HuPrime® PDX models are well characterized for pathology, growth characteristics, and are also genetically/genomically annotated for gene expression, gene copy number, mutations, and fusions.
CV10037Cervical CancerNECVIEW MODEL
CV10040Cervical CancerNAVIEW MODEL
CV10045Cervical CancerNAVIEW MODEL
CV10054Cervical CancerNAVIEW MODEL
CV10058Cervical CancerNAVIEW MODEL
CV1248Cervical CancerSCCVIEW MODEL
CV1664Cervical CancerSCCVIEW MODEL
CV1802Cervical CancerSCCVIEW MODEL
CV2320Cervical CancerSCCVIEW MODEL
CV3035Cervical CancerSCCVIEW MODEL