Model Information:

Synonyms: Cloudman S91 melanoma clone M-3, CLONE M3, M3 Clone M-3, Cloudman M3
Clone M-3 is a mouse melanoma cell line derived from a Cloudman S91 melanoma in a (C X DBA) F1 male mouse(1). The model is suitable for the evaluation of efficacy and PD of I/O agents. At CrownBio, the Clone M-3 model is offered as a subcutaneous model.


Cancer Type Melanoma
Subtype N/A
Mouse Strain DBA/2

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

(1) Yasumura Y., Tashjian Jr. A.H., Sato G.H. Establishment of four functional, clonal strains of animal cells in culture. Science. 154(3753): 1186-1189, 1966.