Model Information:

Synonyms: MC26, MC-26, Colon 26, Colon26, C-26, C26
Colon-26 model is a mouse colon adenocarcinoma cell line derived from a tumor induced in BALB/c mice by single rectal application of N-nitroso-N-methylurethane (NMU)(1). It is a cachexic model and is hence commonly used in cachexia research. At CrownBio, the Colon-26 model is offered as a subcutaneous model.

Cancer TypeColorectal Cancer
Mouse StrainBALB/c

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

(1) Corbett T.H., Griswold D.P. Jr., Roberts B.J., Peckham J.C., Schabel F.M. Jr. Tumor induction relationships in development of transplantable cancers of the colon in mice for chemotherapy assays, with a note on carcinogen structure. Cancer Res. 35:2434-2439, 1975.

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