Hepa 1-6

Model Information:

Synonyms: HEPA 1-6, Hepa1-6
Hepa 1-6 is a murine model of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), derived from the BW7756 mouse hepatoma that spontaneously arose in a C57/L mouse(1). This cell line can be grown in the C57BL/6 mouse strain for in vivo testing. It is well-suited for evaulating the efficacy and immuno-PD changes following anti-cancer immunotherapy treatment. At CrownBio, the Hepa 1-6 model is available subcutaneously and orthotopically. In addition, a firefly luciferase tagged reporter line of Hepa 1-6 model is available, fascilitating disease progression tracking via bioluminescent imaging.

Cancer Type Liver Cancer
Subtype N/A
Mouse Strain C57L
TMA Null

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

(1) Darlington GJ. Liver cell lines. Methods Enzymol. 151: 19-38, 1987.

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