Model Information:

Castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).


Cancer Type Prostate Cancer
Subtype CRPC
Grade NA
Stage G4+5, T4, N1
Ethnicity Western
Gender M
Age 78
Pathology Diagnosis

Castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).

Biopsy Site primary
Treatment History HT
Pathology QC Poorly differentiated carcinoma with massive necrosis(PR6511-H455/4 30/8), poorly differentiated carcinoma with part of papillary structure (PR6511-H455/4+C 8/11), poorly differentiated prostate adenocarcinoma; P504(2~3+), 34bE12(nearly 1~2%: 1+), CK8(3+), PSA(1~2+), Nkx3.1(3+), AR(3+), p63(1+).
Special Features CRPC, model expansion is needed prio to study.
Mouse Strain Rag2-/-?C-/-, NSG
Publication NA

Growth Characteristics

Additional Characteristics